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Goan Food

Updated February 2010

Goan food comes from western shores of India around Goa. Goan dishes have their roots in Portuguese as well as southern Indian coastal cuisines.

Many items such as pork and beef that are either taboo to Muslims and Hindus in India are readily available in Goa. Rice and seafood are very popular in Goa from among Hindus and Chritians. Other vegetables as well as meat such as pork and beef are also staple Goan food.

Goan cuisine is rich in seafood. Most commonly used seafood include, Kingfish pomfret, shrimp (prawn), lobster, mussels, squid, tuna, crab, mackerel.

Many Goan recipes contain coconut and coastal hot spices to flavor the food. Some of the favorite Goan dish popular throughout the world, includes Vindaloo, Goan fish curry, Khatkhate (vegetable stew).

Goan Recipes
Pork Vindaloo
Chicken Vindaloo
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