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Rajasthani Food

Updated February 2010

Rajasthani food (also spelled Rajesthani) shows perfect example of use of available ingredients for food in the harsh arid region of Rajasthan, which lies in western part of India. Due to lack of fresh vegetables, Rajasthani cuisine is full of sundried, dried food or naturally preserved food with long shelf life. For example, Rajasthani recipes often will use dry hing (asafoetida) fresh onions and garlic to enhance the flavors.

Often lot of ghee or buttermilk is used in Rajasthani cooking than fresh cream, milk, or yogurt. Many Rajasthan curries are bright red in color but not hot and they are thickened by besan (gram flour). Rajasthani cuisine also has lot of dry fruit snacks or dried snacks, and desserts. Many Rajasthani food could last for several days and could be eaten without heating.


Rajasthan is home of many native crops, such as kair (berry), guar (cluster beans), bajara (millet).  Rajasthan is also home of Marwari cuisines, which is exclusively vegetarian.

One of the most famous dish is dal baati. Baalti are bread made from wheat, sooji (semolina), ghee, spice, etc. Baalti are traditionally roasted in an open coal fire and eaten by dipping into thick dal made from different lentils. Other famous dishes include churma, lal maas (red color meat), mangodi, papad, lapsi, mishri mawa, kalakand, ghevar, green masala chilies, ladoo, etc. 

Rajasthani Recipies
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