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The online form for the recipe submission has been disabled due to high volume of junk messages.

Before submitting recipe, please make sure identical recipe is not already published on We accept only Indian food recipes. Suggested ideas include - original recipes with Indian flavors, ethnic Indian recipes, authentic original recipes, modified recipes etc.

For recipe submission, please email the recipes to info[at]food-india[dot]com with subject line "Food-india - Recipe" with the following listed information in that order.

a/Recipe Title
If there is commonly used name for the recipe, include that name as part of recipe. If name is in local language and would not be commonly known, include suggested title in parenthesis.

b/Background of Recipe
Anecdotal background information, helpful tips on recipe or information on common variations in recipe.

c/Ingredient List
American English name with local name inside parenthesis.

d/Direction (in numerical order)
Be concise and clear.

e/Author Bio
A paragraph with any cooking related background, philosophy etc.

Email high resolution image of the complete recipe, author, any other unique ingredient. (Limit image size to total 10 MB)

After Submission
We highly value your submission. Upon the submission of recipe, we may edit the recipe for clarity or other purpose. By submitting the recipe, you state that you have right to submit this recipe because it is either written or collected by you and give full right to publish, distribute or use in any form or way.

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