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Indian Food Blogs

Indian Food Bloggers
By. B. Shrestha [October 2009]

Blogging has become integral part of self publishing in any field. In recent years, there has been vast number of novice home-chefs choosing to share their gastronomical experience through their blogs. In a way, food blogging has become a part of twenty-first century food literature. Like any good food literature, a good food blog is a personal memoir that celebrates our everyday dining experience to the whole world.

Blogging has also tremendously helped to bring a wide variety of Indian culinary knowledge to the web. Profile of some of the fine Indian food bloggers with inquiry into their food blogging experience is listed below. For complete list of Indian food bloggers, please refer to Indian food blog index.

Indian Food Blogs (Complete Directory)
Indu Srinivasan  
Smita Gyan Srivastava
Rahin S.
Usha R.
Arundhuti S. Rama
Nithya Mangala Rajasekaran
Shanthi Krishnakumar
MR (Mallu Recipes)
Indrajeet Chandrachud
Anjuli Ayer
Srivalli Jetti
EC (Easycrafts)
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