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Tej Patta | Bay Leaf



Tej Patta, also known as Bay leaf, is dried aromatic leaf from Cinnamon tree (cassia tree) or Malabar leaf. Tej Patta have a subtle similarity to aromatic cinnamon bark and milder in flavor. Indian Bay leaf is a misnomer because it is desnot comes from the plant bay laurel, the source of European bay leaf. However, the use of word “bay leaf” has stuck. Tej patta is use to add sweet aromatic flavor to curry sauce, rice, and stews. Normally, a couple of whole dried Tej Patta are fried in oil or ghee and braised with sauce. At the end of the cooking, it is removed, before serving the dish. Tej Patta is not usually broken down and mixed with sauce as European bay leaf.  Also spelled Tez Pata.

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