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India is famous for its food but hardly many people know that it has array of drinks that are both unique and refreshing. Since, drinking alcohol was consider bad in many Indian ethnic cultures, there is not many Indian alcoholic drinks worth mentioning. We are going to primarily focus on the Indian drinks.

Indian Tea:
Indian tea, also know as Chai is probably the most favorite drink throughout the India.

Indian Coffee:
Coffee is less popular than tea. Coffee is choice of drink for many upper middle classes. Indians mostly use instant coffee and drink relative light coffee with milk and sugar.

Lassi is basically smoothie/milkshake type drink made out yogurt.

Indian Soda water drink:
Club Soda or any other carbonated drink and other flavor is mixed with salt, lime to give fizzling refreshing sweet and salty drink. Indian Soda drinks are readily available in many road side stall. At first the idea seems kind of crazy but give it a try, you might like it.

Fruit Juices:
Many road side stalls in Indian city sell refreshing juices. Beside universal fruit juice such as apple and orange juice, many other fruits and plants such as mango, guava, sugarcane juices are also very popular.

Coconut Milk:
Milk of coconut is also a very popular drink in India.

Jal Jeera:
Jal (water) Jeera (cumin) is a salty refreshing drink. Click here for Jal Jeera recipe.

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